Sheikh Zayed Hospital Rahim Yar Khan Jobs 2022

Rahim Yar Khan was founded on 18 November 1868 during the British Raj as a city-state when the seven clans of the Sial tribe settled in the area and established a unit known as “Malkan”. It remained semi-autonomous until December 1901, when the British government took over. Everyone from the south northern and all over Punjab is eligible for Rahim Yar Khan Jobs. It has been declared as the Divisional Headquarters for Districts Rahimyar Khan, Bahawalpur, and Bhakkar with effect from 1 July 2004. 

Rahim Yar Khan Jobs

Now Rahim yar khan has turned into a modern city. RYK is prominently known among Pakistanis for its delicious mangoes, tall cornfields, and palm trees, set amidst wheat farms. It was part of Bahawalpur State, which was founded in 1748 by Nawab Mohammad Bahawal Khan II after he ascended to the throne of Delhi. Then left to settle in the south with his tribe, and a small number of followers.

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Current Vacancies List

  • SSP Manager
  • Budget and Accounts Officer


The successful candidates will get a lot of benefits from the government through the organization. The government will give them a salary every month with many allowances. Their salaries and allowance will be increasing by a specific percentage every year. Rent allowance is also included in the advantages. After retirement, they will get a pension which will be equal to basic pay.

Rahim Yar Khan Jobs

Eligibility Criteria

The Candidates should not exceed the limit of age. All applicants will need to have certificates of basic education from a verified institution of the country. These conditions are for all people they will not give favor to anyone because they want to have the right people for the right job.

How To Apply?

Visit the official website to apply.

Official Website

Conclusive Comments

These posts are for all the youngsters of Pakistan. Remember every day is not Sunday. Few Opportunities came in the life of a common man to get a government job. These vacancies come once a year so everyone should submit an application for the post which they like and then give services for the nation.